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Is it possible to get cheap internet in Dallas?

Dallas, Texas or popularly known as the Lone Star State of the United States of America is considered to rank 31st as most connected. Dallas is also called home by 266 internet service providers which are great but what makes it incredible is the fact that there are approximately 56,000 residents that are not and never have been connected or have access to the internet.

It has been found that out of the total 26.5 million populations in Texas, 3.1 million are held hostage by just one broadband service provider. The monopoly of this single broadband provider have over 3.1 million people can make us conclude that rates, services, and contracts can readily be dictated and followed simply because these people have no other option.

There’s more. It has also been discovered that 1.2 million residents put up with low data caps through the courtesy of mobile broadband or fixed wireless plans. With these statistics, is it possible then for residents of the Lone Star state to avail of cheap internet packages or the cheapest internet options?

Fortunately, yes. Some of the options for cheap internet needs for one to be qualified for low-cost internet connections. Some giant broadband internet service providers such as AT&T, Comcast, and Suddenlink offer different types of internet connections from DSL, cable or mobile for dirt-cheap prices ranging from free use to a monthly charge of $14.95. All it takes for one to avail of these cheap internet connections is to be eligible for the service.

There are other cheap internet options to think about if you don’t qualify under the programs offered by the above-stated internet service providers. Other options for cheap internet can be taken advantage of that do not have anything to do with your income level.

However, there’s a small price to pay such as a one-time up-front fee before you can avail of the low-priced monthly charges for an internet connection. Other cheap internet choices can be had using different plans for mobile devices. Just make sure you know what you are getting into before you sign up for the services.

Local communities offer free public WiFi which can be accessed in all government offices such as public libraries, parks, bus stops, train stations, and more. Restaurants, coffee bars, and hotels also offer customers free WiFi. Just don’t expect to get fast services, though.

Another unfortunate fact for residents of the Lone Star State is their state law prohibiting their municipalities from offering broadband services, both private and public to their citizens. This may change in the future especially when it concerns the convenience of residents with their home internet connections.

Be that as it may, this site has several cheap internet options you can take advantage of to get the one you need for your home. Check us out today to choose the services that can level up the digital lifestyle you deserve.