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Xfinity internet packages give you a chance to create your own bundled plans to include high-speed internet with either TV or home phone. Xfinity internet Dallas offers the fastest internet speeds at reasonable prices to enable you to enjoy everything you want online.

Xfinity High-Speed Internet for $39.99 a month

Gain more flexibility with your internet connections starting with the Performance Starter Package from Xfinity. The downstream speed of 6 Mbps will be the perfect speed tier to choose when you are an occasional user that only goes online to check emails, browse, and surf a little. WiFi access in your home goes with the plan.

A notch higher than the Starter plan is the Performance 25 Package with downstream speeds of 25 Mbps. If you are a moderate internet user, this speed will be perfect for online gaming, working online and streaming shows, music, videos, and more.

For busy households that want to stay connected every time, all the time, the Performance package with downstream speeds of 75 Mbps will be the smartest option to take. With this kind of super-fast speed, the whole family gets to enjoy streaming, working, shopping, chatting, photo-sharing, and everything else they want to do online minus lag and buffer.

However, when it’s the fastest speed you want, going for the Blast package from Xfinity will fire up all your online needs with the downstream speeds of 150 Mbps. This crazy speed will answer all your online needs from surfing, gaming, streaming, downloading, uploading, browsing, and more minus less loading time and wait.

Recognize the needs of your whole household to get the right speed tier you need and want. Call us today to find other amazing offers from Xfinity.