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The partnerships between DirecTV and top internet and telecommunication providers make it possible for the company to offer the best services including TV and the internet.

Fast and reliable internet connections can also be yours with DirecTV internet plans that give you several speed options to meet your needs and budget. DirecTV internet bundle packages guarantee the highest level of TV entertainment as you stay connected with all the things you love to do online without lag and buffer.

The partnerships between DirecTV and top broadband providers give you DirecTV wireless internet offers to give you more for the best price.

Bundle your services to include DirecTV and high-speed internet and get the DirecTV App. With the DirecTV App, surfing on a second screen can be done on all your devices including laptops, tablets, and phones while watching TV at the same time. Take the DirecTV App with you wherever you go and enjoy all the channel lineups wherever you will be.

Grab the chance to get fully entertained with channel lineups in full HD. Add the Genie HD DVR to your TV package to get the full experience of never ever missing out on all your favorite shows, sports events, and movies. With the use of the Genie HD DVR, record the whole household’s favorite shows to watch later in any room of the home and on the go.

High-speed internet connections are easy and convenient to get from DirecTV with lots of options and internet service providers to choose from. Adding super-fast internet speeds to your DirecTV gets you connected to additional online programs such as social networks, live entertainment, shows, movies, news, and more.

DirecTV is available everywhere in the country because services are delivered via satellite which do away with wires and cable connections. However, internet speeds may vary on location.

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