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Time Warner internet packages for a speedy online lifestyle

Time Warner internet plans and packages are the ones you need when it’s a speedy online lifestyle you want. Time Warner Dallas offers residents different speed tiers to meet everything they need for the best value.

The cable internet connections you get from Time Warner guarantees fast and reliable service to make you enjoy all the things you like to do online every time you want it. Signing up for internet deals with Time Warner also gains you automatic access to more than 500,000 WiFi hotspots located around the country.

Free WiFi network in the home is another great benefit you get as soon as you subscribe to any internet plan from Time Warner. With the free WiFi home network, all your devices at home get connected from laptops, PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and even your printer.

Free powerful security suite software from McAfee is included in every internet plan to secure all your online activities. Included in the free security software are Parental Controls options to ensure the online safety of young children and teens at home.

Single internet package offers from Time Warner include:

Standard Internet for $34.99 a month

Extreme Internet for $54.99 a month

Want to save more? Bundle up your services to get big savings as well as the convenience of one monthly bill for all of them. Check out these irresistible bundle offers from Time Warner:

Standard TV with Turbo 20 Internet package for $79.99 a month

Preferred TV, Ultimate 50 Internet, and home phone for $109.99 a month

Level up your digital lifestyle this year by signing up with Time Warner. Call us today to get the right package for your needs.