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Blistering fast fiber connections with Verizon internet packages

Verizon internet packages Dallas gives locals access to blistering fast fiber optic connections to connect them to all they want all the time they want it. Verizon internet deals give the Lone Star state the Verizon FiOs, the newest, latest, and fastest online connections in the country.

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Check out these fantastic single FiOs internet plans with Verizon:

FiOs internet 50 for $54.99 a month

FiOs internet 75 for $64.99 a month

FiOs internet 150 for $69.99 a month

Get ready to do and save more on your digital experience with Verizon. Check out these amazing double and triple play bundle offers:

FiOs Double Play package for $94.99 a month

Max out your digital experience with downstream and upstream speeds of 100/100 Mbps. Be fully entertained right in your living room with FiOs TV Preferred in full HD.

FiOs Triple Play for $79.99 a month

Get all three great services from Verizon and enjoy the crazy downstream and upstream speeds of 150/150 Mbps for the internet. TV plan includes Custom TV and digital voice plan includes all the phone features you love and more.

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