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Windstream internet packages has you covered

Windstream internet Dallas has expanded to residential internet connections which is great news. The creation of two high-speed residential internet packages covers all internet needs from streaming HD movies, shopping, emailing, chatting, surfing, gaming, and more.

Standard Internet

Enhanced Internet

Choosing the higher internet speed tier offer from Windstream will give you the ultimate online experience as you stream TV shows, play games online, download movies, videos, files, and pictures, do video conferences and chatting, downloading huge files and software, and more.

If you are working from home, higher internet speeds give you the advantage of multi-tasking everything you need for your business easily, quickly, and reliably.

Bundle your high-speed internet plan with Dish TV to max out your home entertainment. Signing up for Dish TV and high-speed internet packages save you more and earn you the rich reward of a free Hopper upgrade. Here are the advantages you get from a free Hopper upgrade:

  • Watch TV everywhere, anywhere, live or recorded
  • Recorded Prime Time shows frees you from commercials
  • Store and record more than 2,000 hours
  • Make every TV at home function in full HD
  • Grab the chance right now to max out your digital experience with Windstream by giving us a call.